Компания Company Cereal Planet PLC (Cyprus) was founded in 2012.
In Ukraine, it is represented by the group of companies Cereal Ukraine. The structure of the Ukrainian holding included:


  • “Ranok”APC, specializing in the production of groatsand wholesale trade in grain processing products;
  • Olimp LTD., the leading distributor of groceries in the eastern region of Ukraine;
  • “Selkhozkorm” LLC, engaged in the production of animal feed.
Agrarian private company Ranok and Olimp LTD carried out their activities in the Ukrainian market from the mid-1990s. Initially, enterprises existed as isolated structures that maintain close partnership relations. ACF “Ranok” was founded on August 10, 1995. First few years company specialized in processing peas. However, in 1998 the company’s management decided to expand the production areas, increase the range of products and production volumes. In 2008, the company added the assets of the Belokolodezyansk feed mill, on the basis of which it opened a new plant for the production of cereals. This plant was equipped with facilities of European level, which allowed the introduction of advanced technologies, including hydrothermal processing of grains and a multi-stage quality control system for products.
Olimp LTD was founded on July 24, 1998. The main activities of the company were packing and packing of groceries, distribution, wholesale and retail trade in food products. Olimp Ltd. is the leading distributor of the Kharkiv region. The activity of OOO Olimp was highly appreciated at the national level: the company was awarded the title of “LEADER Industries” following the results of the National Business Rating.
The synergy of the merger allowed Cereal Planet to make its debut at the alternative site of the Warsaw Stock Exchange NewConnect in early December 2013. Cereal Planet used raised funds to implement the investment program aimed to expand and modernize production. As a result of carried out work, the group of companies increased its production capacity for processing grains to 5000 tons per month. In 2017 the company completed work on launching the production line of bulgur.
Based on the decision taken by the holders of the company, Ranok APC and Selkhozkorm LLC were reorganized in June and December 2017, by joining with Olimp LTD.