Nutritional value per100 g of product:

Breaded with dried vegetables is a mixture of cereals from selected corn kernels and dried carrots, paprika, garlic and onions. The combination of specially selected vegetables will present a new original taste and aroma to your dish. Paprika reveals its unique sweet aroma with different shades during heating, and its combination with carrots gives a beautiful orange color. Dried onions and garlic give special emphasis to the taste of the dish.

Protein, g 8,6
Fat, g 1,48
Carbohydrates, g 68,9

Energy value per 100 g of product, Kcal: 329,98

Waga Netto: 200 g

Type of packing:

Polypropylene bag

Quantity pcs. In group package: 24 pcs.

Weight of a group package: 4,8 kg.

Quantity of units on pallets: 864 pcs.

TU U 15.8-30035671-003:2008