We do everything to ensure that any person in the world, regardless of his social status, age, religion or food preferences, can satisfy his need in natural food by buying our products. We work every day so that you can simply cook by yourself a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner and will be sure of its quality and useful properties.


Our strategic objectives:

  • We strive to become an absolute Leader in Ukraine and the World by the criterion of “price + quality” in the production of groats and cereals, at the same time continuously create and modernize our production and logistics capacities.
  • Achieving success in its activities, we strive to ensure a stable and decent income for our numerous investors.
  • Given external challenges, reliably provide its team with a decent competitive salary, meet its social needs.
  • Support honest, open and fully equal partner relations at all stages of cooperation, to provide an opportunity for company’s partners to receive a stable income and confident development.
  • Satisfy the demand of buyers in affordable and quality products, tasty and easy to cook.

Our values:


  We produce high quality products. While our other competitive advantages (colorful design and convenient packaging, reasonable price, etc.) help us attract customers,the quality of our products makes our customers loyal TM “OLIMP”



 We are a socially responsible and publicly open company. Important information about the Company is available to our shareholders, employees, partners, customers and all interested parties.



The best qualified specialists are the main value of Cereal Ukraine. We appreciate the skills of experienced workers in the cereals business and always welcome the new ideas of young innovators. We use knowledge in practice gained in many-years’ work of entire group of companies in Ukraine and are grateful of advices of our foreign partners.



All employees relate to the company Cereal Ukraine as their own. They do not get tired of each other at work, so they maintain friendly relations and enjoy the joint recreation. The specialists are different, but together they achieve amazing and perfect results.